Our family purchased 10.5 acres of land in Central Texas in 2010.  The original plan was to use it as a therapy center for our daughter, Sierra who had Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE).  Two months after we purchased the land, she passed away at age 3.

The land sat for about 4 years.  We wanted to put a 1700 square foot dream house on it.  Jason’s father is an architect, and drew up the perfect set of plans.  There was only one problem: money.

At the same time, we had been itching to get out of the city.  Because of this, we made the decision to build an ISBU and live in it, thus letting us sell our house in the city and help in financing of building our dream home.  The added advantage is that we are both recovering packrats, and this forced us to declutter and start fresh.

On this blog we will talk about costs.  Keep in mind that when we are doing this, we already had to pay for infrastructure at the property which we are not counting towards the ISBU build because it will be necessary for the other home later.  So far, these costs include $10,200 for a water line extension, $7000 for a road and an anticipated $7500 for a septic tank.  Since we’ll be using all of these for our final home, we don’t consider this part of the ISBU project.

Our goal is to complete the ISBU project for under $10,000.  We look forward to documenting our journey in the hopes that it may be helpful to others.

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